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Blindly Following Epidemiologists  - The Man With A Hammer Problem

The models we’re using to set policy for the spread of COVID-19 were, and continue to be, egregiously wrong. Caution is fine up front but it’s time to move epidemiologists from the drivers seat to the back seat.


The Main Reason Markets Are Up

Markets are voting their belief that companies which lost half their value over the course of a week should not be worth half due to a demand shrinkage that will last a predictably short time.

April 14, 2020-2 min read

I will not use the term Quantum Supremacy in this title

I will not say quantum supremacy. I will not say quantum supremacy. I will not say quantum supremacy. I will not say quantum supremacy.

December 23, 2019-4 min read

Dow Infinity

What is different about the world today that could allow for continued economic growth without a recession?

December 10, 2019-4 min read

HN Response: The end of the outsized programming salary

"But I think some underestimate how soon the developers and programmers of the world will crater from "elite 10%/5%/1%" to something resembling median salary."

November 27, 2019-2 min read

Money Rain

To explain the increasing gap in income equality all one has to do is look back at the rise of neoliberalism in the 60–80’s; the removal of rules for how you can allocate capital. It worked.

November 27, 2019-3 min read

HN Response: Being "profitable" is irrational and stupid

Now you'll say that Amazon could have turned a profit earlier than that. Which is true. For Tesla it is not, turning a profit isn't an option. The difference being that selling books on the internet is relatively easy compared with manufacturing cars using an entirely unproven set of technologies and techniques.

October 7, 2019-2 min read

Roll The Dice Insurance Co.

Here's an idea for a new nationwide insurance system… Every month each person in America puts $20 into the insurance pot.

October 1, 2019-2 min read

Thoughts on Project Soli

Essentially, you would be able to communicate with your phone via hand gestures and, possibly, other body motions.

August 23, 2019-3 min read

The Profitable Business of Keeping You Alive at Disney World

No special Disney magic here. Come have fun, but don’t die.

July 12, 2019-3 min read

Hey Coke and Pepsi, clean up your mess

Single-use manufacturers are saying “Fuck it. We’ll make all this stuff but we don’t want to deal with the cleanup.”

July 6, 2019-4 min read

What is risk?

The possibility of an irreversible negative outcome.

June 25, 2019-5 min read

When should you buy instead of rent

When people say you should buy instead of rent what they don’t know they’re saying is that you should take all that free mental capacity you currently have and direct it towards maintaining the physical space in which you live.

May 28, 2019-6 min read

How to optimize your dating profile

This is a title that is optimized for getting clicks.

April 27, 2019-3 min read

A Name To Aspire To

The name I’ve landed on… well, it’s grand. So grand that it’s over-the-top.

April 26, 2019-1 min read

How to get your team to buy into Typescript

Super powers. That's what Typescript gives you and that's how you sell it to your team. Not because it will work but because it’s true.

April 25, 2019-11 min read

Should I Be Doing This Work?

Is this work worthy of my time? If I have other choices for work, is this the work I would choose to continue doing?

April 8, 2019-2 min read

Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Your Captain Speaking

We’re all humans. Our opinions change, our knowledge base becomes bigger. We have no idea what past experiences have contributed to someone's current or past beliefs.

March 31, 2019-2 min read

You, aka "The Middle"

Whether we're conciously aware of it or not, present, in-the-moment you negotiates on behalf of in-the-future you. Forever.

March 26, 2019-2 min read

It's Not Like Learning French

Yes it will all start to click. But learning to program is not at all like learning a new communication language.

March 13, 2019-1 min read

Gift Exchange

What do we put ourselves through to conform to traditions and social norms that don't make any sense?

February 26, 2019-1 min read

Amazon Killed The Puppy Close

In sales there’s a closing tactic called the “puppy close”. You know it even if you don’t know it.

February 22, 2019-2 min read

Railroad It When You Can

Time is valuable

June 26, 2018-2 min read

Decoding the Tan and Red Colors on Google Maps

There are only two colors aside from the colors you already know (green, grey, blue, gold) that are important: pink and tan.

February 5, 2018-2 min read

The Challenges in Building an Outbound Personal Voice Assistant

Why can’t Siri make appointments and handle other outbound tasks?

December 8, 2017-10 min read

Universal Basic Income: Paying For It Through Automation

How and why we could use the productivity wage gap to fund Universal Basic Income in the United States

November 26, 2017-4 min read

My Surf Post On Reddit Caught Flak: Here’s My Response

In response to the overwhelming criticism I received from posting an article outlining tactics to help new surfers surf when the waves are too big for their skill level

November 18, 2017-5 min read

StubHub, Tickets, and the Future Of Middlemen

If there was no reason to worry that a ticket you bought from a third party might be counterfeit would you still be willing to pay the 25% StubHub markup?

November 14, 2017-6 min read

The Beginner Surfers Guide To Surfing In Waves That Are Too Big

The absolute beginner's guide to learning how to surf in waves that are too big for your skill level

November 4, 2017-7 min read

i Before e, She Before He

It’s telling that the way we order our gender categories is almost always with the male version first.

October 30, 2017-1 min read

Universal Basic Income: The Maslow Argument

Looking at Universal Basic Income through the lens of Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs.

October 28, 2017-6 min read

I Pay You, You Pay Them, They Pay Me

Imagine you rule the land. A monarch, queen or king, that has total and absolute authority. You’re probably going to pick a fight.

October 17, 2017-4 min read

$520,000 or $500,000?

Have you ever won $500,000? Me either. So the title of this post probably looks about the same to you.

October 3, 2017-3 min read

Packing Cubes: Low Hanging Fruit

The design of packing cubes could use a revamp. If you wanted to make a better product that's easy to sell, this is it.

September 13, 2017-2 min read

all: unset

Hello “all”. I had no idea this was a CSS attribute. It allows you to select all of the attributes that apply to an element. Couple that with the “unset” keyword and you can erase all the attribute values.

September 10, 2017-3 min read

There’s A Reason For The Abstraction

Minute by minute, hour by hour, the title to this post started to reverberate through my brain.subtext

September 7, 2017-2 min read

The Broad Spectrum of Failure

A crash and burn failure can, and does, happen from time to time but it’s not the norm. It is the exception and that’s why you hear about it.

August 30, 2017-6 min read

Power Up By Learning How To Power Nap

You’ve heard about it. But how do you get into the habit of power napping?

August 19, 2017-5 min read

Lessons From My Mistakes: Start With MySQL

These are real issues that I walked myself right into by starting my coding career with NoSQL instead of MySQL

July 26, 2017-5 min read

React: Dynamic Headers For SEO

You want to make sure that each page that you have has it's own header tags so that when Google or Bing come to look they can find information that's important to users.

July 16, 2017-2 min read

Eating Caffeine

Over the past 6 months I’ve made the discovery of eating caffeine instead of drinking it. I think I’m on to something.

July 15, 2017-2 min read

Good Design Showdown: MailChimp v. FreshMail

My take from having to put in a new email capture form recently.

July 4, 2017-4 min read

Jane Shops For A Self Driving Car

I’m here scouting a new car for my family. We’ve heard quite a bit about self-driving cars. That’s what you do here, right?

June 6, 2017-6 min read

+2 For Self-Driving Trucks

Two quick positives that came to mind while driving behind a tractor trailer...

June 6, 2017-1 min read

Swift: The Delegate Behind The Curtain

For this delegate overview we’re going to be using UITextField as our example. If you’ve never used a UITextField before it’s exactly what it sounds like, a text field that users type text into.

June 6, 2017-3 min read

The Iron Mystery

The first source of iron tools didn't come from the land. It came from the sky.

June 6, 2017-2 min read

The Big ‘Mo

When you’re on a roll don’t get sidetracked. Keep your momentum with these 2 tools.

June 6, 2017-1 min read

Picking Up A Second Language: Swift To Python

The next software I wanted to write was desktop software. These are programs I’m primarily building for myself but there are plenty of other people who could benefit from them. If I write them in Swift, I can only reach 4% of users.

June 6, 2017-3 min read

The Kivy Frontier: Multiple Independent Windows

It's hacky. But it works. I need the second app to be full screen on a second monitor. It seems that the second application will take on whatever display it’s in as it’s master and resize to it as long as you initialize it in that screen space.

June 5, 2017-3 min read


Real independence is not depending on any one, two, or ten people for happiness, security, or hope.

June 3, 2017-1 min read

Swift: Completion Handlers

One of the things you’ll quickly find when you first start writing code is that things need to happen in a very specific order. Completion handlers (aka completion blocks, call backs, call back blocks) are little lines of magic code that will let you order things correctly.

May 29, 2017-2 min read
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